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Due to the increased interest in coyotes that is taking place on our neighborhood social media, we are providing you information on coyotes, as well as professional recommendations on how best to ward them off from the neighborhood. After reviewing the science behind discouraging coyotes in neighborhoods we believe that the recommendations of the Humane Society best encapsulate a remedy that fits with Vintage Heights and aligns with our state and local ordinances regarding animals and public safety.  

We ask that our neighbors use common sense in their supervision, monitoring, posting and responses and remind you that as a neighborhood that we follow local laws. Please read the linked information as it will likely answer most of your questions and concerns. We know that this is a challenge that will require increased diligence from us as a neighborhood as we engage in additional supervision of our pets and loved ones and change some of our behaviors to discourage wildlife from staying in this area. Please also note that recommendations that are common on our social media regarding killing, trapping or attempting to physically relocate coyotes often end with the opposite result as coyotes will accommodate for this by reproducing more and moving further into neighborhoods. Additionally, attempting to trap coyotes more often than not results in the unintended outcome of trapping domestic animals or other wildlife, which can be dangerous to your pets. Locking up food sources, making sure your trash is secured, supervising your pets and loved ones and safely and effectively hazing the existing coyotes appear to be the solutions that are grounded in science and result in the best outcomes for neighborhoods.  

As an HOA board we have kids, grandkids and pets just like you and we want Vintage Heights to continue to be be a safe and responsible neighborhood. We encourage you to continue to responsibly post pictures and sightings of local wildlife to share with your neighbors as well as inform others as to your efforts to discourage coyotes from the area that fall within local and state ordinances.

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