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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

At some point, you may have a question or two for the officers of the VHHOA. Please e-mail your question to and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • Who mows and removes snow around my townhome?

    Vintage Heights HOA maintains the 40+ acres of common space around the neighborhood and does snow removal on the perimeter sidewalks of the neighborhood. We do not mow your individual yards or remove snow from your private driveway or sidewalk in front of your home. If you live in a townhome you should reach out to your townhome manager with inquiries about these concerns. If you don't know who that is just look and see who you are paying each month for those services.

  • I need a copy of the covenants, where do I go?

    The covenants are found on the home page of this website. Scroll down to Neighborhood Covenants. You will find them there.

  • My neighbor is doing something that is really bothering me. What can I do?

    Please talk to your neighbor and have a polite conversation about your concerns prior to reaching out to us. The first thing we are going to ask you is if you spoke to your neighbor. We have found that most neighborly concerns simply occur because someone is unaware of how something is affecting a someone else. When we show up on someones doorstep folks tend to get a lot more worked up about why we needed to be involved over something simple. We are happy to help but please try to help yourself first.

  • What are the rules relating to parking of a camper or boat in my driveway?

    The VHHOA covenants limit parking (other than inside of a garage) of any recreational vehicle, as defined in the City Code, for more than a total of 14 days per year. This rule applies to motor homes, campers, trailers and watercraft of any type.

  • What are the rules relating to on-street parking in Vintage Heights?

    We have no direct control over street parking. If we did then we'd have this problem fixed in about two minutes.
    Parking regulations are enforced by the Lincoln Police Department. Generally, it is permissible to park licensed, non-commercial vehicles on the street for up to 24 hours without moving them.

    For details go to the Lincoln Police General Order for parking at:
    Link to traffic monitor request form:

  • Who do I contact about the neighbor’s barking dog?

    Barking dogs should be reported to City of Lincoln Animal Control, phone 402-441-7900.

  • When are homeowners association fees due?

    Invoices for association dues are sent to homeowners in January, each year. They are due and payable by April 1. Late payments are assessed a fee and accrue interest in accordance with covenants. The Association will exercise its right to file property liens for any long-term non-payment of dues and fees.

  • Why do I need to pay an annual homeowners association fee if I own a residence in Vintage Heights?

    The Homeowners Association is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 40 acres of commons areas within the neighborhood. Maintenance includes planting of grass, trees and bushes in commons areas, mowing of grass areas in the summer and snow removal from commons walk ways in the winter. In addition to the commons areas, we also maintain the water shed are for the creek that runs through the neighborhood. Other costs include bookkeeping, legal, insurance expenses. All of the members of the Officers and Board of Directors for the Vintage Heights Homeowners are uncompensated volunteers.

  • What are the rules about dogs running free in public and commons areas of Vintage Heights?

    A City of Lincoln Ordinance requires that all dogs in public access areas (streets sidewalks, parks, etc.) must be kept on a leash. The Vintage Heights Board of Directors has determined that commons areas within our neighborhood will follow the rules for other public areas in the city. Dogs in commons areas must be kept on a leash.

  • Advertising Local Businesses

    Many neighbors reach out to us about advertising their private businesses on our social media and website. The HOA board has considered this many times and while some other neighborhoods might allow this it is our desire to stay neutral and encourage neighbors to advertise on their own social media. We took in a variety of considerations for this position, and we determined that as volunteers we simply don't have time to monitor the negative commentary that goes along with social media posts and advertising. We also acknowledge that many in the neighborhood have competing businesses, and we do not wish to appear to endorse one over the other. Finally, some of the businesses that reach out to us are not ones that we would feel comfortable giving a platform to and give the appearance that we endorse them. On occasion, we will host neighborhood events (such as food trucks, catering for the annual meeting, or July 4th food, and businesses will step forward to help us out or make donations. On those occasions we will list those businesses simply as a part of our event, not as an endorsement or to provide free advertising for them. We like to do nice things for the neighborhood and we are lucky to have neighbors who agree!

  • Can I plant trees or gardens in the commons area adjacent to my property?

    Yes, you can plant items in the commons area, HOWEVER, you will need to contact the VHHOA Treasurer via HOA gmail,, to arrange for a landscape license agreement to be mailed to you. You can also print the agreement from this website by clicking on this link:


    Return it along with a simple landscaping plan drawing to a VHHOA board Member. All licenses must be approved by the board. Once your plan is approved, it will be filed with the Register of Deeds. This license is granted to homeowners at no cost assuming the proposed plantings are acceptable.

    There are exceptions:

    • No structures, recreational equipment, vehicle parking or other non-growing items can be placed in the commons areas.
    • Nothing, other than grass, can be planted in the commons area adjacent to the gas line running through Vintage Heights. This planting prohibition is a part of the easement owned by the gas company
    “The landscape license agreement that is submitted to the VHHOA Board of Directors is required to be printed on 8.5-inch X 14-inch, legal-size paper.”

  • How do I arrange to start refuse and recycling collection?

    You are welcome to use any refuse company you wish. Industrial Services supplies the purple refuse and yard waste totes with the Vintage Heights logo on the side. There are several recycling companies to choose from in Lincoln, check out the link below for more information.

  • Who selects, plants and replaces street trees?

    All of the street parkway trees (trees located between the sidewalk and the street) are selected by the City. The cost of the trees is included in the lot sales price. The street parkway trees for the original VH additions were planted by Campbell’s Nurseries and the parkway trees for VH Additions 20 and beyond are planted by Eagle Nursery. The nurseries guarantee the trees for one year, but it is the homeowner’s responsibility to care for the tree and make sure it is adequately watered.

    If the tree dies after the one year warranty period, contact City Parks and Recreation, Forestry Division, to request a voucher toward replacing of the tree. Vintage Heights HOA currently has a supplemental cost-share program to assist with street tree replacement.
    With each new home built in Vintage Heights, the City requires the developer, through a contract with local nurseries, to plant trees between the sidewalk and curb. Depending on the size of the lot, 1 to 4 street trees are planted.

    If a street tree dies within the one-year guarantee period, the City requires the developer and nursery to replace it. If a street tree dies outside of the one year guarantee period, the resident and City share cost responsibility for replacing the tree. To enhance the overall appearance of Vintage Heights development, the Vintage Heights Home Owners Association has set forth the following requirement supported by a City voucher value of $225.

    1. Single-family dwelling paying Class A dues ($125.00): $225 City voucher + $50.00 homeowner contribution = $275

    2. Townhome dwelling paying ½ Class A dues ($67.50): $225 City voucher + $50.00 homeowner contribution = $275

    This will provide a 1.0 - 1.5-inch diameter (depending on the variety) replacement tree from Campbell’s Nursery. This pricing is for street trees only and includes planting, a 1-year guarantee, and all applicable sales taxes. This is a special price and a limited offer. We anticipate a spring/fall planting for this special program. This cost-share program is limited to four trees per household, and is based on the City’s recommended spacing. There is a one-time replacement guarantee per tree. If you wish to replace your dead street tree using the VHHOA Cost Share Program, please follow these steps:

    * Call Lincoln Park and Recreation at 402-441-7847. Then press "0" to reach City Forestry Department. Report your dead tree/trees, and request a $225 voucher to be used toward the purchase of each of your replacement parkway trees. The City Forester will inspect your dead tree, will mark the curb with red paint where the replacement tree should be planted, and will advise replanting the same variety or will give you one or two other “specific” varieties you may choose for your replacement.

    * When you receive your voucher(s) please contact VHHOA board member Jane Heinz (402-484-7273) Then mail or deliver your $225 voucher & your $50.00 contribution to the VHHOA contact before your tree can be replaced. Your contribution will be deposited with VHHOA. Your voucher will be forwarded to Campbell’s Nursery. After planting the tree, Campbell's Nursery will bill VHHOA for the cost of the replacement tree. Time of planting will depend on when VHHOA receives your contribution and city voucher, availability of the variety you choose from Campbell’s Nursery, and the best time to plant for optimal tree survival.

    Street Tree Trimming Information

    We have noticed that many street trees in the neighborhood could use a little love. Many have branches hanging over the sidewalks, making it difficult to walk. If you would like to have some routine pruning, you can call Community Forestry, a part of Parks and Recreation at 402-441-7847 or email them at for Lorrie Grueber, the City Forester. It is possible that they will grant you permission to do the pruning yourself if they are getting behind.

    Campbell Nurseries 402-423-4556
    Eagle Nursery 402-781-9337
    Lincoln City Parks & Recreation, Forestry Division 402-441-7847, Ext “0”