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Who Do I call About?

Please use these websites for assistance with specific neighborhood concerns.

Animal Ordinances Animal Ordinances-City of Lincoln Visit site
Citizen Action Center We strive to keep our neighborhood a beautiful place to live. Some of the requests we receive fall outside our capacity of covenant violations: junk cars, barking dogs, overgrown yards etc. This website will allow you to make a complaint of a nuisance or city ordinance violation. Visit site
Crime Mapping Get the app for your smartphone, receive updates on crimes reported in our neighborhood, or the entire city! Visit site
Drop Off Recycling/Disposal From paint to batteries to pesticides, this website will point you in the right direction for proper disposal of most anything! Visit site
Junk Car Ordinance-City of Lincoln
Lincoln Parks and Recreation Community Forestry website Keep yourself informed on the cities action plan for treating the Ash Borer disease/infestation. This link will take you to the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Community Forestry website. Many useful links on this page! Visit site
State Sex Offender Registry
Traffic Code-Parking Enforcement