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Board & Members

Here is some info to help you to decide if you are interested in serving on the HOA Board. Terms are typically for a three year period. Board members work on average a few hours a month. Several board members will work more depending on special projects and circumstances. If you are interested in joining the board please send us back a short biographical paragraph and emphasize any interests you might have in working in the neighborhood (landscaping, legal, social media, website maintenance, accounting, ect.)

Vintage Heights Homeowners Association exists to promote and encourage Vintage Heights to be a Neighborhood of Choice. The following goals are important to this mission:

  • Protect property values
  • Promote a safe, attractive neighborhood
  • Be good stewards of the environment 
  • Encourage being good neighbors
  • Helping residents find the appropriate authorities for their issues

We understand that at times these goals may be in conflict and require thoughtful negotiation and resolution. Much of our emphasis is educational and we strive to be helpful. 

  • The board meets once a month (usually the third Monday of the Month).
  • We review and answer questions and concerns from our email.
  • We plan and undertake landscaping projects around the neighborhood. 
  • We review the contracts and work of our vendors (mowing, snow removal, bookkeeping, and landscaping of entrances and roundabouts).
  • We assist neighbors with concerns and direct them to outside agencies when appropriate.
  • We plan neighborhood events and supervise them (garage sales, movie nights, July 4th, Food trucks, ect).
  • We organize neighborhood clean-ups. 
  • We review insurances and city requirements for the neighborhood. 
  • We maintain the neighborhood's finances with the emphasis on being good stewards of the neighborhood's money. 
  • We initiate services for the neighborhood when there is storm damage (trees down and follow up on snow removal).
  • We maintain 40 acres of common space including a creek watershed, a pollinator greenway, a park area, and a pond. 
  • We do a lot of “boots on the ground” work ourselves picking up litter, tree removal, cleaning up messes, walking the neighborhood, and looking for poisonous and invasive vegetation. Board members jump in and do a lot of behind the scenes work that makes the neighborhood look well maintained

If Interested in joining the board, email us at




Our Community

Located in an area bounded by 84th and 98th streets and Old Cheney Road and Pine Lake lies a small community known as Vintage Heights. Not far from local schools and shopping districts, Vintage Heights offers its inhabitants a safe, family-friendly atmosphere.

Board Of Directors

  • 2022-2023 Officers:

    President: Joel Green
    Vice President: Tracie Duensing
    Treasurer: Lianna Kathol
    Secretary: Mike Cruce

  • 2022-2023 Board Members:

    Jane Heinz
    Tim Thaden
    Stan Beeder
    Steven Hankins
    Chris Schroeder
    Casey Ricketts

  • 2022-2023 Committees:

    Creek Cleanup: Tim Thaden & Steve Hankins
    Email Account: Tracie Duensing
    Event Committee: Mike Cruce
    Landscaping: Tim Thaden and Steve Hankins
    Newsletter: Mike Cruce
    Social Media: Casey Ricketts
    Strategic Planning: All of the Board Members
    Website: Mike Cruce

    Book Keeping: Kris Haussler:

  • 2021 Townhomes HOA (Roundhill & Chalk Hill)

    President: Dave Drevo
    Secretary: Audra Podliska
    Treasurer: Bente Fuller

  • 2021-2022 Alligrini HOA (Allegrini Terrace)

    Co-President – Jennifer Ulrich (formerly Wiley)
    Co-President - Russ Ulrich
    Vice President – Mindy Dealey
    Secretary – Patty Pierson
    Social Chair – Bonnie Schroder

  • 2021-22 Barclay HOA (Laroche, Franciscan, and Fontaine)

    President: Bill Barclay

    Are you interested in participating on a neighborhood committee?

    Please contact us at